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Luis Ajilla is our young energetic dweller of 23 de Junio who has spent the last few months learning about birds and the habits of the of Cephalopterus pendullger.  He is keenly aware of the conservation needs and has attended seminars to gain knowledge about birds and conservation.  He is our local guide ready to take you to the places where you can see “Pájaro Toro” which means “bull bird” for the deep and long notes he produces.

When Luis Ajilla son is not available, his father Luis will be your guide.  He is also learning about birds and can imitate many of of them.  He is specially successful at attracting the Black Solitare with his whistle.

Luis Ajilla son can be reached by cell phone at 0981030948 and his father Luis at 0993395956

You can also contact 23 de Junio by email:

Luis Ajilla Son and Renato

It is necessary to be at 23 de Junio by 6:00 am to be able to hear their calls and to see the many other birds in the area.  It takes about 50 minutes from Los Bancos to reach 23 de Junio so you should plan on being at Los Bancos by 5:00 am.  If you do not know the road, then Luis Ajilla will meet you at Los Bancos in front of the Banco Pichincha teller which is on the main road.

It is advisable that you travel the day before and stay at our new lodge.  We provide great meals and a comfortable stay.

For those who do not have their own transportation there is a “Chiva” (an open air bus) that comes to the town every day.  Ask Luis for details.

Early morning bus

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Bat Falcon

Bat Falcon


Yellow-bellied Elaenia